Vision and Mission

Synectiv vision is to be a one stop solution provider to the worlds communication companies.

Synectiv – A Brief History

Synectiv was formed in 1999 at the beginning of the global mobile and internet boom. Synectiv is derived from the words ‘Synergy’ and ‘Connectivity’ as it was envisaged back then that there would be a convergence between the mobile and internet space. Today this is a reality and Synectiv is established as global leader in offering next generation telecommunication services.

Over 10 years Synectiv has invested heavily into telecoms infrastructure, and today Synectiv operates across key segments such as:


Carrier services and switch partitioning


MVNO Services - We enable companies to take advantage of new market opportunities by helping them create and manage their own mobile presence as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)


Fixed-mobile convergence – bringing the internet and mobile services together


IP Services- IP Centric, Voice over Broadbands


SIP Trunking


Global Roaming Solutions

Synectiv - The Network

Underpinning our network design expertise is a carrier grade next generation network, operating both in the IP and TDM space. This enables Synectiv to bring innovative world class services into reality with the shortest lead times.

The Synectiv network is connected across the globe. With a large presence both in London and also significant out-of-london points of presence, Synectiv is interconnected with all major telecom providers and has good resilience across the globe.

Why Choose Synectiv?


Strong Partner Focus – Synectiv work closely with our partners as we see our partner relationships as safeguarding our own future. We ‘compliment’ rather than ‘compete’ with our partners and channel. Our partners manage their customer relationships, we manage our network and infrastructure


Investment in People - We get the right people and continually invest in skill training


Investment in next generation infrastructure – this allows us to stay ahead of the game, taking advantage of new technology and service. We have a very strong Technology and engineering focus


The Synectiv Group has been trading since 1999. Our sister companies include WorldSIM; a one-stop-shop for roaming solutions , and Genuine PPE for all your PPE supplies.