Whether you are a Green field operator looking to deploy emerging class 5 services or an established Service Provider targeting next generation services and new revenue streams, Synectiv offers state of the art Class 5 Solution to meet your evolving needs.

Synectiv’s Class 5 Solution is a turnkey solution that includes cutting edge Billing & Switching products enabling Service Providers to create innovative Class 5 services. It provides unlimited flexibility and control considering the nature of Next Generation Service Providers ever changing business requirements, while lowering the CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Synectiv’s Class 5 solution consists of high performance & scalable Class 5 Softswitch, with AAA, Real time charging & other important class 5 features required for Enterprise & Residential VoIP services which are evolving faster than ever expected.

Synectiv’s Class 5 solution is specially designed solution for Service Providers to monetize their service offerings and improves the overall customer experience. Core component of the Class 5 Softswitch is Next Generation SIP Application Server. Application Server incorporates complex application logic for value added class 5 services such as Voicemail, IVR, Call Back, Intelligent Call Forwarding and many more.

CLASS-5 Broadband Telephony or Voice over Broadband (or VoBB) is often defined simply as voice services offered over broadband Internet connections. While this is true, the implications of VoBB for residential subscribers, enterprises and carriers extend far beyond just putting telephony services over data lines. The integration of telephony and the Internet is enabling the future of communications and blurring the differences between voice and data messaging. VoBB is a critical step in increasing the capabilities, effectiveness and accessibility of today’s communications systems. VoBB adds greater usability to new and traditional features while making high-end business features more affordable and available to residential and SOHO subscribers. With a web interface to personal services, telephony reaches a whole new level of flexibility. All of the revolutionary capabilities can now be offered with basic service at a considerably lower cost, with offerings that include flat rate pricing and bundled packages.

The capabilities of modern VoBB systems are already impressive and there is little doubt that this is only the begin­ning. As communications systems advance and data networks become more pervasive worldwide, the integration of voice communications and the Internet will continue to fuel the creation of innovative features and services that are cost-effective for both carriers and subscribers.

Key Features for white label Class 5 Services


Enhanced Class 5 VOBB feature set i.e Call Forwarding , Follow me , Voicemail


Mobile VoIP solution for 3G/ WIFI


Iphone / Andriod VoIP Apps for Class-back , call through , SMS & SIP using same account.


Auto Provisioning of CPE’s


Extensive Self-care portal


Multilevel Reseller Billing platform