Go Global – Be Local:

Synectiv offers innovative instant roaming solutions that offer coverage in over 200 countries with 600 operators around the world. Using our Multi IMSI technology we have been able to eliminate roaming charges thus allowing users to ‘Go Global’ yet ‘Be local’

Synectiv’s roaming solution will be the mobile service of choice for anyone who travels, or lives abroad and needs to stay in touch with family, friends and business colleagues, wherever they may live.

These includes:


International business travellers- Who want a cost effective and unified solution for their international communication needs


International students/Leisure travellers - who want to avoid roaming charges, but wish to maintain contact using a single phone number


Operating on Carriers own network and billing systemTravel industry workers- people like pilots or tourism professionals who travel from one country to another and who need to be in touch with people locally, in other countries and back home


Second Home owners- who want a local mobile number in both locations so they can talk at local rates


Professional Ex-pat workers and their families- who want a local number for both locations so they can talk at local rates to families, friends and colleagues.


Multi country proposition to cater ethnic community

Our solution can be deployed by MNO’s, MVNO’s and even service providers with the shortest lead time and low start-up costs. Synectiv can provide fully branded roaming sims for travellers or supply roaming IMSI’s that can be incorporated on other sims as part of a single customer offering. Existing MSISDN’s can be used or Synectiv can offer additional MSISDN’s

Synectiv Global Roaming Solution comes with the following benefits:

Already an MVNO ?

Having problems growing your business or offering new services?

If you’re already running an MVNO, you understand the challenges and the need to stay fresh and innovative. It takes a lot launch a new telecom service, but at Synectiv we can help you get more out of your MVNO.

 A strong and lasting customer proposition has three key elements:


Roaming coverage in over 200 countries with 600 operators


Supports voice, sms and data incl. 3G


Camel roaming and call back supported


Multi-imsi roaming solution


Multiple MSISDN’s if required


Synectiv offers of the shelf billing and management tools that are easily integrated into 3rd party billing systems using API.


Quick deployment and low start-up costs