Synectiv’s VoIP Partition works on award winning Genband Session Border Controller for VoIP interconnection and traffic switching.

Synectiv provides enhanced support and services for its hosted softswitch customers through dedicated switch partition platform with immediately availability and scalability. Synectiv offers flexible packages with different requirements in usage levels and instantaneous scalability in system capacity.

Synectiv offers to Customers complete access to the partition on the softswitch, to the reporting module (RSM), and the ability to create end points (carriers, customers, route plans etc).

Synectiv's Partition Services runs on our state of art, fully redundant, and secure network architecture. All the elements from L2 to L5 are fully redundant and allow the services to be available 99.999% of the time. Synectiv maintains also redundant internet connectivity with multiple Tier 1 carriers.

By leasing a Synectiv partition you avoid significant capital expenditure and operating costs. You are also free of the day-to-day distractions associated with the provision and management of a stable voice and data network.


Real time, daily, weekly and monthly CDRs are provided


Access to manage numbers and view reports via secure web login at

No operational overheads

With a dedicated partition, you are able to get your new ideas to market quickly, on a pay-as-you-grow basis, with fully scalable and virtually infinite port capacity available to grow into as your business expands. Synectiv allows you to focus upon your customers needs, whilst we manage the network on which you and they can depend.

Are your Reseller?

With a Synectiv Switch Partition, fully managed by in house experienced staff, telecommunications resellers have the ideal opportunity to take advantage of a fully established, cost effective and immediately available Switch Partition with a comprehensive range of non-geographic number ranges available to choose from to sub-allocate to your partition.

With your Synectiv Switch Partition having the benefit of access to BT IP Exchange, you can also be confident that you are not only future proof, but also taking best advantage of out-payments and charges based upon wholesale call traffic pricing, all without the operational overhead of managing your own switching network and interconnects.

Key Features


CLASS-4 Core Call-Control Partitioning


Session Border Controller Partitioning for Enterprise SIPInvestment in People - We get the right people and continually invest in skill training


SIP to H.323 conversion


Advanced routing


RTP Proxy support


CDR transfer to any 3rd party soft for billing


Comprehensive reporting on route quality, traffic trends , alarms


Advanced Reports including Business Analysis, Events and Statistics, Network Efficiency


Trunking Applications


Flexible dial plan management, traffic profiling, re-routing options


High availability of service through redundant system resources and backbone connectivity


24 x 7 NOC Support from Access to highly experienced technical personnel

Key Benefits


Flexibility and Scalability:

Start your business with the best fit value-added services on a carrier-grade platform which is reliable and tailored for your business; Upgrade your service exactly when your business needs this



Increase speed to market with a MSPS and have your business focus on sales, marketing and finance without infrastructure setup/integration or technical expert costs.


Minimize investment:

Improve your cash flow by removing the need for deploying, maintaining and operating your own network infrastructure


Reduce risk:

Reduce your risk by eliminating high network start up costs and investing in technologies that will change every few years

By choosing Synectiv's Partition Services, we will help you achieve a higher return on investment, increase your RPU, have greater network efficiency, lower your operating costs and reduce customer complaints.