What can Synectiv's VAS platform offer?

Synectiv offer a Next Generation application, media and billing server that empowers service providers, carriers and telcos alike to significantly drive revenue to their networks, improve profit margins and enhance subscriber loyalty. Through innovative services, creative and flexible billing options, and a optimised network architecture, Telecom's can greatly reduces their CAPEX and OPEX costs normally associated with running an intelligent network.

Why choose Synectiv IN Platform?

In tomorrows telecommunication landscape it is critical that service providers and telcos alike deliver differentiated offerings of in-demand applications that can attract subscribers while providing innovative and integrated services that are easily managed and controlled in order to retain them. All this at a reduced operating and administrative cost. The core focus of Synectiv IN Platform is just this – to empower our clients with the ability to offer innovative, scalable, and unified services that attract and retain customers while driving revenue and profitability.

How does it all come together?

By combining different applications into a single, flexible and scalable solution, Synectiv's IN solution reduces the level of integration, configuration and complexity required to get you to market. Our solution is also extremely cost effective and the overhead required to keep these level of services operational is minimal. Our IN Platform is market-ready and proven and can be offered as a turnkey solutions that can be deployed in hours rather than weeks or months. Further, Synectiv's architecture is designed in a way that can be easily customized so that new products an features can be added on quickly and efficiently as and when they are required.

Are you ready to drive revenue for your business?

If you are ready to offer new innovative retail or wholesale services, Synectiv IN Platform can empower you to achieve this in the shortest amount of time. Synectiv's IN Platform is an open, flexible and scalable solution that has one of the smallest carbon footprints, lowest capital and operating costs, lowest administrative overhead and highest customer satisfaction rate of any similar carrier-class solution in the industry.


Put your prepaid phone card business at a competitive advantage through creative and flexible VoIP billing facilities that are unmatched in the industry and that include granular costing controls. Eliminate credit exposure, build profits and capture greater market share through our feature-rich and field hardened solution.


Integrated pre/postpaid real-time VoIP billing and costing engine with real-time call cut off.


Three (3) additional VoIP billing models and credit caps for corporations, groups, and multi-level marketing (end user, reseller, wholesaler, etc.).


Multiple low water mark warnings.


Costing by ANI, NPA, NPA+NXX, DNIS, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.


Surcharging by DNIS, ANI, Info Digits, Account, Account usage to date, Device, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.


Our Talking SIP prepaid calling card platform offers real-time call rating and CDR generation greatly enhancing its competitive advantage by offering flexible, creative and attractive calling plans that reduce administrative overhead by eliminating the need to re-rate and mediate CDRs from disparate systems. Our integrated and real-time approach liberates human resources to focus on building the prepaid phone card business rather than managing the platform.


Real-time call rating and CDR generation.


Blocked, flat rate, single rate and multi-tier rating (vary rate based on call duration).


Multiple low water mark warnings.Rating by ANI, NPA, NPA+NXX, DNIS, Account, Origin, Account usage to date, Device, time of day, day of week, date/time range and/or destination.


Supports rating from wildcards down to the E.164 level.


Supports an unlimited number of rate plans and rate schedules.


Our prepaid calling card platform offers advanced routing capabilities to allow full control and rating of calls. Key features include:


Ability to route calls to multiple outbound carriers/sip trunking providers with automatic route advance.


Support for third-party least cost routing (LCR) redirect servers.


Full digit manipulation of the inbound ANI and origin/carrier codes.


Full digit manipulation of the inbound DNIS.


Full digit manipulation to the terminating device with CLI/ANI manipulation.


When running a prepaid phone card business, on-demand reporting on profitability and usage across programs is critical to the long term success of your business. With over 115 reports available standard you will gain immediate insight into your business in easy to read, textual and graphical reports that are easy to understand and analyze.


Centralized Reporting Engine to allow reports to be managed from within the database so all additions, updates and deletions are immediately reflected on the agent’s screen.


Includes over 115 pre-configured, customizable reports.


Generate up to the moment gross profit reports for direct and/or reseller based programs.


View account activation reports, PIN liability reports and usage reports.


Optional fully integrated Report Designer to allow existing reports to be enhanced or wholly new ones created.


Prepaid calling card services offer consumers a convenient way to call family, friends and business associates that bypasses the long distance network of their primary residential, business or mobile carrier at considerable cost savings. These services are provided by traditional telephone network operators and next-generation VoIP service providers and are delivered to consumers through wholesale, retail and direct channels.

Historically access to prepaid services was achieved by dialing an 800 toll-free or local access number, entering a PIN number, followed by your destination number. Today, there are more streamlined access methods that greatly reduce the dialing requirements of the user and make it even more convenient to save money and utilize new innovative features while calling from different locations and devices.

With today’s PINLESS dialing services subscribers no longer need to remember a PIN number, they only need to dial an access number followed by their destination number. Providers can now leverage smartphones with their ability to run mobile dialer applications, so subscribers can simply select a destination from their Contact list and have their call connected automatically and at considerable savings. Mobile smartphones, Wi-Fi, and 3G applications have made the process for utilizing prepaid services even more attractive and streamlined for service providers where virtual prepaid services can be offered on both an inbound and/or an outbound basis.

With next-generation technology consumers can now use the prepaid calling card service provider of their choice in an easy and convenient manner regardless of whether they are calling from home, the office or their mobile phone. By deploying the right prepaid calling card platform, service providers can capture consumers’ long distance traffic, across many types of devices, regardless of geographic boundaries.

With next-generation SIP-based prepaid calling card platforms carriers can extend the footprint of their network and be well positioned to deliver in-demand, feature-rich and device agnostic voice services, on a global scale.