Synectiv has been a leading wholesale service provider and is now expanding fast into the global wholesale voice market leveraging on our accumulated experience and technology. We are currently routing traffic to over 35 global partners and building POPs in the major countries. With years of wholesale experience Synectiv has hands-on understanding of all wholesale telecommunications markets and how to bring value to them.

A-Z Termination

A-Z Termination Synecitv Provides the highest quality Wholesale VoIP Services at a low, affordable cost. With services that include SIP Trunking, VoIP Origination & VoIP Termination, Toll-Free & Local & International DID Numbers

Proactive Account Management

Account executives focused on your requirements and always available to deliver cost effective traffic exchange or termination.

24/7 Technical Support

Online trouble tickets allow your technician to be pro-active when reporting any route issues.

State of the Art Systems

Our advanced technology allows us to monitor your traffic in real time and our impressive automated routing ensures use of the best carriers while maximizing highest margins.

Timely and accurate billing

With easy to read summaries by day, average call duration, and average minute cost all included and availability of CDR anytime, any reason. We offer customized VoIP services to big and small businesses, through our dedicated account managers. At Synectiv, we engage, identify and respond to customer needs. We negotiate all the applicable contracts and provide single point of contact to all the designated carrier accounts.